One of the most common medical complaints we see pets for is itching. Does your pet chew their feet? Do we see your pet every few months for ear infections? Does your pet experience seasonal hair loss? If you answer yes to any of these questions, your pet might have allergies and we may have the solution.

There is allergy testing and treatment available for pets. Allercept, the allergy testing and treatment program offered by Heska, is a great way to diagnose and treat your pet’s allergies. All testing is done right here at The Veterinary Center of Hudson with just a simple blood sample that we send to Heska laboratories. With a sample of your pet’s serum, Heska tests for over 150 allergens that your pet might be sensitive to in his or hers environment or in their diet. No two pets are the same and there treatment shouldn’t be either.

Heska offers two different easy ways to treat your pet’s allergies. Since no two pets are the same and neither are their allergies, the immunotherapy serum is specifically formulated to treat your pet’s allergies. You can administer allergy injections at home or do oral drops. Since we all have different schedules we help you choose what works best for you and your pet.

Immunotherapy is a lifelong commitment for your pet. Beginning the process to get your pet’s allergy flare ups under control can be a big decision, but we want what is best for our pets. Immunotherapy can take about 6 months before you are seeing full results, so patience and consistency is key. We want to make sure that we keep tabs on your pet during this time so we can make any adjustment necessary to keep them comfortable. Sometimes this even means treating with steroids and antibiotics. Heska is available 24 hours for us to call and consult with their specialists if you have questions about your pet’s progress.

If your pet is itchy and you find yourself making frequent trips to the vet it, Allercept injections or drops might be the solution. Ask about allergy testing and treatment at your next appointment.