We wanted to take a few moments to address some of your concerns regarding COVID-19 and your pets.  We are constantly reviewing all information and data available from organizations such as The World Health Organization (WHO), The Centers For Disease Control (CDC), The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), and The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA).  

At this time there have been no known cases of COVID-19 infecting pets. I’m sure that many of you have seen the reports about a dog in China testing positive for the virus.  While these reports are true, it is important to note that it was what is referred to as a “weak positive”, and after review it is believed that the dog was merely contaminated by the virus transferred from his owner and was not actually infected.  

The Veterinary Center of Hudson recognizes its obligation and responsibility to be available to our clients, and their pets.  We are fully committed to providing every available option and resource to pet owners during this difficult time.  In order to continue to safely and efficiently serve our clients we are implementing the following changes:


We will be keeping our normal hours of operation but we will continue to monitor the situation, and may adjust our hours accordingly.


For in clinic appointments we will be implementing a one person per appointment protocol in order to reduce the amount of foot traffic in our building.  If possible, we ask that you make every attempt to not bring children or other people with you to appointments.   If you need assistance with your pet(s) you can call from the parking lot and a staff member will gladly assist you in any way they can.

We will also be offering “drop off” parking lot appointments for those clients who do not wish to be in public.  These clients will call from the parking lot and a Registered Veterinary Technician or Veterinary Assistant will come out to retrieve your pet and get any information pertaining to the reason for your visit.  Your pet will then be brought inside and the examination will be performed while you wait comfortably in your vehicle.  The doctor will then call you with their recommendations for treatment and go over any associated costs.  After any treatment is agreed upon you will then be checked out via phone while any medications are administered, and/or filled.  


For the last several months we have been researching and putting plans in place to offer telemedicine in our practice.  We are very excited to announce that we have partnered with Anipanion to provide a couple different telemedicine appointment options.  These services are perfect for anyone who is not able, or does not wish to leave their house. The Veterinary center of Hudson is proud to be the only practice in Ohio using this service! By using the Anipanion App, our veterinary professionals will be available for tele-triage for non-clients or full tele-medicine for clients who have already established a veterinary client/patient relationship (VCPR) with us.  Our team is working diligently to have these services available to use by early next week.  To take advantage of these options, when they become available, you can download the Anipanion App in your phones app store or by following the link on our website.


We strongly recommend that any clients, who have pets on critical medication, get that prescription refilled ahead of your normal schedule.  These critical medications include any pet with the following medical issues: Diabetes, Thyroid, Heart, Seizure, Anxiety, and Addison’s, or Cushing’s patients. Clients can always refill prescriptions by calling our clinic and paying over the phone, or by utilizing our online pharmacy.  Prescription foods can be ordered by phone or by utilizing the drop shipping option on our online store. These options can be easily set up by visiting our website and clicking the link for at home delivery.   If you have any questions regarding which option would be best for you please do not hesitate to call us


These short-term policy changes are going to require the complete focus and dedication of our veterinary team. We are up to the challenge and, unfortunately, will not be scheduling nurse appointments for services such as nail trims and anal gland expressions unless medically necessary.  Any clients wishing to schedule these services can call Bed & Bark and they will happily assist you.  

We understand that these are difficult times and we want to make sure that we are available to serve your pets.  We are confident that these procedural changes will accomplish this goal and we will continue to assess the situation and make adjustments if we need too.  As a community we all need to come together and help our neighbors in any way that we can.  Hudson is an amazing community and we are all much better served by tackling problems and creating solutions together.  The Veterinary Center of Hudson and Bed & Bark are committed to providing solutions and offering as much help as we can.  Thank you so much for your patience and understanding!

The Veterinary Center of Hudson / Bed & Bark Boarding and Daycare