As most of you are aware there have been reports of a new strain of Influenza in the Midwest.  This strain has now been identified as the H3N2 strain which epidemiologists suspect originated and was brought over from Asia.   There have been cases in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, and 1 confirmed case in Ohio per several reports.  At this time the strain is not known to be contagious to humans but this strain can affect cats. Unfortunately there is no vaccine at this time for cats.

The symptoms are a persistent cough, runny nose, and fever in both cats and dogs.  Some cases may also show lethargy or loss of appetite. Not all animals will show symptoms but can still be carriers of the virus.  If you notice your pet having any of these symptoms please contact us so we can examine your pet and determine if antibiotics or supportive care should be started.  There is testing available to determine if your pet does in fact have influenza.

We are urging clients to vaccinate with the current Canine Influenza vaccine as it may help to reduce incidence, clinical signs, and severity of the disease. We recommend to be using caution when traveling and when going to dog shows, groomers, dog parks, pets stores, daycares, and boarding facilities.

In order to help protect all of the dogs in the daycare and boarding facility at Bed and Bark we are not requiring the Canine Influenza vaccine effective starting June 1st.