Hello Everyone!

We wanted to take a moment to provide an update as far as our reopening is concerned.  We targeted July as the month we would start allowing our clients to re-enter the building for appointments, and have been busy making preparations and developing protocols to do so safely.  With the recent spikes in Covid-19 cases in Ohio, and around the country, we have decided to delay in person exams to limit the risk of Covid-19.  At the end of this month we will reevaluate the situation and provide you with our future plans. Being open and available to provide medical care and treatment to your pets is something that we do not take lightly.  Our curbside appointments and telemedicine triage have proven to be highly effective and we want to continue to be able to offer those services to you and your pets.  We cannot thank you enough for all of your patience and understanding!

We also wanted to mention a couple of other things as well.  Due to the two months of not seeing wellness care appointments we’re currently booking about 2 weeks in advance for most exams.  We have also added more appointment spots for emergencies.  Please keep this in mind when planning your annual checkups. 

If your pet is sick or you have a medical concern, we will always do our absolute best to fit you in as soon as we can.  Sometimes it is simply not possible for our doctors to squeeze an additional medical exam given our current caseload.  We always provide the highest quality medical care and we want to ensure that each pet receives the utmost attention and treatment they deserve.  We ask that you please use our telemedicine service, Anipanion, as sometimes that will be the quickest way to get your pet the medical treatment they need. 

We have installed some numbered parking spaces at our hospital to make it easier for our Technicians to locate each client faster.  This, along with your promptness and understanding, has been a tremendous help in speeding up each appointment.  Thank you for your continued support.  We are humbled that you continue to give us the opportunity to provide the medical treatment and care your beloved pets so desperately need.  We look forward to seeing you in our lobby and our exam rooms as soon as it is safe! 

Have a great day and stay safe!

The Veterinary Center of Hudson