Hello Everyone!

We wanted to take a moment to discuss what has been happening at The Veterinary Center of Hudson and Bed and Bark since you have been gone. We have been making some exciting changes within our hospital. First, we have painted and added new artwork in the waiting room, exam rooms and treatment room. The new changes are our fresh start that we cannot wait for everyone to enjoy!

            We also wanted to let everyone know that we are doing our best to keep everyone safe within our hospital including our clients. We are requiring our employees to wear a mask while at work as they care for your pets. We have also implemented new cleaning protocols within our hospital to ensure our company is as clean as possible to keep our staff and clients safe.

            Starting in the fall we plan on adding a pet “ChauFur”. Appropriately named The ChauFur, it will provide pet shuttle service both from VCH & Bed and Bark. We hope to utilize the service for medication and food delivery as well. More news to come over the next 2 months.

            Finally, we have had several new hires and implemented new positions within our hospital. Our clients will see a few new smiling faces. We have added a head surgical and pharmacy technician to our team. These two positions are to help the flow within our hospital to increase efficiently in the care of your pets. The two new positions will also help increase communication with our clients and team members about their pets. We will be starting to have pharmacy hours for our clients to utilize and will keep you updated with our progress.

            We want to thank all our wonderful clients in our community for being patient and understanding during this difficult time. We know it has been stressful for everyone and the safety of our community and staff is very important to us. We cannot wait to see everyone again! We will continue to keep everyone updated with any new changes that may happen within our hospital. We are happy to be back to our original business hours!

We hope everyone continues to stay safe and healthy! See you all soon!

The Veterinary Center of Hudson