Carrie Zivny RVT

Head Surgery Technician

Surgery days can a stressful time for pets and pet parents alike. Our secret weapon to help put everyone at ease is Carrie! She joined our family in 2020 and has been an integral part of our team since day one! As our head surgery technician she is by your pets’ side start to finish on surgery day!

She brought 6 years of experience and a wealth of knowledge with her to VCH. Spending 3 years in shelter medicine taught her a lot while also giving her the opportunity to foster over 65 Cats and Dogs! In the end it pulled a little too much on the heart strings and she transitioned into general practice as well as neurology. Since joining our family Carrie has helped enhance our surgery department by researching the latest equipment and best practices to make sure VCH continues to provide the highest quality veterinary care possible!

When she’s not accompanying your pets through surgery day you can find her with her pets at home which, we imagine, must be a zoo-like setting! Are you ready for the list? Here it goes!

Carrie has
5 Cats :
Daniel Odysseus
Otter Houk
Saber Theia
Bear Boxer Poncho Cuervo (Yes really we triple checked lol)
Cisco Primo Tavi

Maxine the Bearded Dragon, Tallulah Jane the Yellow Bellied Slider, 11 Parakeets, 2 Cockatiels and a bunch of fish! The Zivny Zoo has even infiltrated VCH and, if you go by her desk, you can always find a rotating cast of plants & injured wildlife awaiting rehabilitation